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2 Pieces Gel Tube for Finger And Toe Protects Corns Ingrown Nails Blisters

2 Pieces Gel Tube for Finger And Toe Protects Corns Ingrown Nails Blisters


2 Pieces Gel Tube Bandage Finger And Toe Protectors Foot Pain Relief
 for thumb Finger in Hands or foots

Large Size

Whether Walking Travel Playing Sport Or Simply Working Around The House, The Toes Are Vulnerable To A Range Of Weaknesses And Injuries.
With Each Successive Impact The Joint Can Become Weaker, Needing Progressively More And More Time To Recover.

If You Have The Foot Pain Relief As Follows:
* Bunions Hurt
* Stubbed Toe
* Crossing Toes
* Corns And Calluses
You Need To Concentrate On Getting These Issues Corrected.

Easy To Use:

Ideal For Long Term, Comfortable Wear Such As Overnight Or During Work.
Slim Design Allows For These To Disappear Under Socks And Inside Shoes.
This Simple And Flexible Product Protects You With Every Step From In-grown Toenails, Soreness And Calluses.
Alleviate Rubbing And Friction, Toe Cap Fits Securely Over Toes And Stays In Place.

Usage And Care:

Regain Foot Health By Rinsing The Toes In Water And Then Wear Them Lightly.
Hand Wash The Product With Warm Water And Mild Soap, Air Dry.
The Life Of The Product Is Affected By Its Care, Use, And Activity Level Of The Individual.

  • Silicone Gel Material: Medical Grade Silicone Gel, Soft And Comfortable, Can Be Extensible.Lip Material Means They Stay On Even While You're Active.
  • Provides Instant Relief: Go Straight To The Problem Spot And Immediately Relieve Pain. No Need For Complicated Bandages.
  • Easy To Adjust: If They're A Little Too Big, Simply Trim Down The Ends With Scissor Until The Size Is Right For You.
  • All Day Comfort: Wear With Most Shoes, Boots Or Sneakers. Toe Cap Fits Over Toes And Stays In Place.
  • Help Relief Pain: Protect Against Pain Of Finger Or Toe Caused By Pressure And Friction.

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