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Z60 Bluetooth Smart Watch Stainless Support SIM TF Camera Fitness Andriod / IOS

Z60 Bluetooth Smart Watch Stainless Support SIM TF Camera Fitness Andriod / IOS


Z60 Bluetooth Smart Watch Stainless Support SIM TF Camera Fitness Andriod / IOS

Note : Please full charge your smartwatch before first use


1. smart watch camera needs to be inserted into the SD card to use.

2. the watch can put sim card in to make calls but cannot connect to Internet. only WAP.

3. ANDROID System can support all function in the description.

4.iphone: There is no app for Iphone because IOS didn't open it. So below four functions can't sync with iphone,But all other function can use normally because no need to use app.(1. Anti-lost 2. Messaging 3. Notifier 4. Remote Camera) All market bluetooth watch are like this. 5. As a result of long-term transport, will lead to battery power depletion, so please remove the battery, friction electrode, install the battery, charging.

Main function:

1. Phone function: GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz, call record, phone book, Hands-free Bluetooth phone call

2. SMS Local SMS, Phone SMS Bluetooth Synchronization

3. Entertainment MP3, Bluetooth music playing

4. Phone calls reminding Ring and shake, Two-way anti lost Anti lost remind, Two way search

5. Pedometer, Step motion meter, Calories calculation, Sports mileage records, Sedentary remind, Sleep monitoring, Storage to the watch, Remote photos, Storage to the phone, Alarm clock, Calendar Calendar, Stopwatch, Twitter, Facebook, SMS News, System Settings information, Time synchronization


1 X Smart Watch.

1 X Chinese/English Manual.

1 X USB Cable.


(This APP can' t be installed by iOS, Apple system can' t sync SMS and Bluetooth push information, but other functions can be used by iPhone) Note: This watch is Bluetooth 3.0. All functions support android 4.3 and up smart phones. FOR iPhone SOME FUNCTIONS WILL NOT WORK: you can pick up calls, see the phone number, and listen to your music, besides all other watch functions like alarms, lost alarm etc. But it will not sync with your phone book so if you get a phone call the number shows up but not the persons name, you can pick up and answer but it's not synching with your iphones software.Some other functions that work on android may also not work on your particular iphone. Just be aware, its a great watch even for an iphone, but you may not get the full 100% out of this watch, maybe more like 85-90% of fuctions which is still pretty good for this price iPhone did not support APP download!!!! Still support SMS, Radio, remote camera control, sleep monitoring, etc.

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