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VeniCare Toothbrush Heads For Philips Sonicare E series Essence, Xtreme, Elite and Advance 3-pack

VeniCare Toothbrush Heads For Philips Sonicare E series Essence, Xtreme, Elite and Advance 3-pack

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The VeniCare brush heads work with the following Sonicare models:

Advance, Essence, Elite, CleanCare, and Xtreme;Elite e7000 e9000 series;
Essence e5000 5300 5500 5700 5750 series;Advance a4000 series;
Xtreme e3000 series. 
HX3300; HX3351; HX3500, HX3551; HX3881; 
HX4002; HX4101; HX4011; HX4321; HX4772; HX4511; HX4572; HX4573; HX4772; HX4871; HX4872;

HX5130; HX5251; HX5300; HX5310; HX5350; HX5351; HX5352;HX5400; HX5451; HX5500; HX5551;

HX5581; HX5610; HX5611; HX5751; HX5752; HX5754; HX5810; HX5853; HX5910; HX7351; HX7361;

HX7381; HX7551; HX7553; HX7800; HX7841; HX7881;HX9500; HX9552; HX9553; HX9562; HX9842;

HX9882; etc.

Sonicare Essence 5000 Series models: HX5251, HX5300, HX5310, HX5350, HX5351, HX5451, HX5500, HX5700, HX5740, HX5800, HX5810, HX5600, 5600, HX5610, HX5610/30, HX5610/01, HX5620, HX5630, 5300, 5310, 5500, 5700, 5750

Sonicare Elite 7000 Series models: HX7300, HX7351, HX7361, HX7500, HX7800, HX7841, HX7100 ·

Sonicare Elite 9000 Series models: HX9500, HX9552, HX9800, HX9842 Elite Premium

Sonicare eSeries models: 4100, 4500, 7300, 7900, 9200, 9500, 9650, 9800, 5300, 5350, 5500, 5550, 5750

Sonicare CleanCare Series and other makes and models -Pleasea contact us if you are unsure

The bristles have indictors that will fade in color to let you know when it's time to replace the brush head.
Brush Heads Screw On for Easy Replacement and Cleaning .
They can be easily removed for cleaning and replacement.

The heads come with caps for hygienic storage and travel.

  • 3 VeniCare Replacement for E-Series Brush Heads ; Standard Size
  • Compatible with sonicare advance, elite, essence and xtreme series handles
  • Up to 2x better plaque removal versus a manual toothbrush
  • Tapered, extra-soft contoured bristles
  • Sealed Never Touched by Hands

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