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SENANA MARINA Lipstick Moisturizing Nourishing Lip Balm Starry sky Discoloration Long-lasting Improve peel Lip care Make up cosmetic

SENANA MARINA Lipstick Moisturizing Nourishing Lip Balm Starry sky Discoloration Long-lasting Improve peel Lip care Make up cosmetic


Picky lips? It can’t be satisfied? You think it is ok when many lip issues appear?! Dry and cracked lips Lips are not fully moisturized. Lips become dry and cracked. Colorless lip balm There is no color on lips. You seem too gaunt. Lipstick is directly applied on lips. Feel greasy and heavy and have no sense of beauty

Develop color for a long time The same color is shown on the lips of different people. Different body temperatures can present different pink and nourishing colors. Having jus applied it, it becomes so transparent and nourishing. After 1 minute later Present soft and delicate pink five minutes later Colors are gradually lifted up. Hours late Color remains stunning.

 Core ingredients nourish and care lips Multiple natural and nourishing ingredients care your two lips Mineral oil Soothe dry lips, effectively moisturize, soften bottom of skin and better protect lips squalane Squalane protects the balanced moisture of cuticle and makes skin more transparent and watery. Microcrystalline wax Moisturize skin, make lips more nourishing and smooth and have lips easily colored.

Grease test Multiple natural and nutritional ingredients care your lips Before heating after heating No essence, alcohol or pigment The sense of paste can be seen. After melting, there are no impurities or stimulating odour. When inferior lipstick is melt, grease becomes black.

Watery and nourishing skin can be seen. Keep nourishing layer by layer and release your feminine charm A lip balm with changeable colors watery and sweet two lips Starry and allochroic lip balm Add the color of lips Different people have different lip colors. Different colors on lips can present different colors. Find the colors belonging to you. Relieve peeling Lips themselves have dead skin. After applying it several times, dead skin can fall off. The new protection layer can regrow out. Relieve lip wrinkles Moisturize and lock moisture and relieve peeling, lip wrinkles and dry lips. It can nourish lips and does not make it easily discolor.


Eye-catching design makes you fondle it Compact and convenient Beautiful starry and shining package Changeable starry shell Hold it in hands. It looks high-end and superior. Give you the full maiden sense. Compact and convenient When going out, carry the favorite and indispensable lip bam. You can be nourished any time and anywhere. Fine sense of lips to design Watery texture makes it light and not heavy. The section of paste perfectly fits the lip design Adopt the design of small tube Don’t need to worry about the cap can be fallen or unstable. Waterproof test: The color will not be removed under the water. It can be protected very well. The color will remain. You will have no worries when going to swim.

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