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Professional Strength Enamel Safe Advanced Dental Teeth Whitening Strips 28 Ct

Professional Strength Enamel Safe Advanced Dental Teeth Whitening Strips 28 Ct


Advanced Professional Strength Teeth Whitening Strips 28 Count Enamel Safe

Whitening effect
Effective to remove tea stain, coffee stain, pigment teeth, dental plaque. Teeth whitening, reduce tooth dirt, enhance oral hygiene, reduce oral diseases.
Tooth whitening contrast card
With a tooth whitening contrast card in side, easy to witness tooth whitening process at home.
One upper and one lower

Five easy steps to beautiful white teeth .

1. Take an edge ,pull the soft strip off the plastic film , face the gel side to the surface of tooth .

2.Looking in a mirror ,align the straight edge of strip to the gum ,gently press and adjust the strip with finger ,making it completely adhere to the tooth surface.

3.Repeat using the second strip.

4.Remove the teeth whitening strips and discard after 30 minutes.

5.Clean off any remaining gel residue by brushing your teeth or gargling.

Important Tips:
* Regularly use whitening strips every three months to obtain a whiter, brighter smile.
* To reach and sustain a better teeth whitening effect try to reduce or avoid products such as smoking, drinking coffee, t
ea, colas or red wine, and eating highly pigmented foods such as cherries and blueberries etc.
* Please complete the course of all the strips within a two week period.

* Do not using these whitening strips if suffering from dental ulcers, broken gum, or after oral surgery.
* People with sensitive teeth should reduce the dosage or use under the guidance of a dentist.
* In the event of eye contact, rinse with plenty water.
* This product is not recommended for persons under the age of 12 and pregnant women.
* Side effects from this product are rare but
please discontinue use and contact your GP immediately in the event of an adverse reaction.

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