VeniCare NASAL STRIPS Reduce Snoring Right Now Relieves and Opens Nasal Passages

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VeniCare Nasal Strips Designed to fit all adult noses , These tan, Drug-Free nasal strips are specially designed to help reduce snoring and relieve nasal congestion due to cold or allergies or a deviated septum and help you breath with ease during such conditions.

VeniCare Nasal Strips are 50% stronger Than regular nasal strips in the market to improve your airflow

Certificates : CE FDA Approved (OTC) Over The Counter Use


1- Two flexible "spring-like" pieces gently lift upwards the congested nasal passages so you can breathe through your nose, close your mouth and stop snoring, allowing you and your partner to get a good night's rest.

2- Special adhesive holds the strip comfortably in place.

3- Improves airflow by 31%.

4-You can wear these strips while sleeping or during exercise. The strips have special adhesive that holds them comfortably.

Two sizes

  • 60 mm x19mm Large Adult Nose Large Size Strips (Fits 75% American People)
  • 55mm x17mm Small Adult Nose Small Size Strips

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