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Herbal Material Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream Therapy Treatment External Hemorrhoid

Herbal Material Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream Therapy Treatment External Hemorrhoid


Hemorrhoids Ointment Herbal Materials Suppository Powerful Hemorrhoids Cream External Hemorrhoids,Anal Fissure,Mixed Hemorrhoids
1 Pack

Main Components

Coptis chinensis, Scutellaria baicalensis, Phellodendron chinensis, Sophora japonica, Ulmus pumila, Calamine, Borneol, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Vaseline, Triethanolamine, Ethyl Nipagin Ester, Purified Water
Inhibition of microorganisms has the effect of inhibiting skin infections caused by bacteria and fungi.

Use after cleaning the anus. Dry area with towel.
Apply 3 grams to the anus, inside and outside on the effect area. (Best time to use is after bath and bedtime)

main herbal ingredients : soil jing leather, bezoar, pearls, amber, borax, borneol, calamine
Side Effects: None


    prohibited by pregnant women; sealed preservation
    For External Use Only.
    Avoid Contact With Eyes.
    Please Store It Under Shade Environment And Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.

Warm Tips:

1.Exactly Hemorrhoid ins't kind of horrible  disease .It often caused by long sitting,greasy and spicy diet.

And drivers ,officeladies and men,pregnant women are mostly likely to suffer from Hemorrhoids.

However,70% of patients never take it seriously until it is much worse.

So we sincerely suggest that customer should pay more attention to homorrhoid.

No attention to hemorrhoid until hemorrhoid attention to you.


Basic Information:

Product Name:Hemorrhoids Ointment

Package Included
: 1 Tubes

We suggest that customers buy 3 Tubes 1 Treatment Course. 

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