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Black Medlar Polypeptide Firming Cream Age Defying Goji Face Whitening Cream

Black Medlar Polypeptide Firming Cream Age Defying Goji Face Whitening Cream


Medlar Anti-Wrinkles & Moisturizing Cream  113g


Super Medlar Polypeptide Firming Cream is applicable to any skin with excellent effect in moisturzing and firming Skin.

The series of products are rich in fruit stem cells, biological active essences and berry compounds, combining the collagen and elastin from
medlar polypeptide, the products can penetrade into the corium, accelerate to repair and regenerate cells, reduce fine lines and wrinkles,
and make skin lustrous and young.

Item Type: Facial Cream

Ingredients: water , medlar extract , magnesium silicate , dimethicone ,IPBC , Xanthan , DMAE tartaric acid , bisabolol , vitamin A palmitate (vitamin A) , aloe extract, glucosamine hydrochloride, sodium hyaluronate, citric acid, tea tree (green tea) extract.


Efficacy: The inspiration of the product is from the medlar which has powerful ability in resisting oxidation and shows the new breakthrough of skincare, and comtains Himalaya medlar with organic herbal essences which contain moisturizing and anti-oxdation ingredients, HA (500 times of moisturizing effect, flavone ( vitamin A, resisting oxidation ), and is capable of resisting wrinkles, moisturizing and firming skin with fast absorption due to its non greasy property.


Directions:Extend a proper amount on the face and neck , and then gently massage skin till absorbed, Better effect to use it in the morning and evening.

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