Anti-Gray Hair 7050 60 Capsules Per Bottle

Regular price $69.99

Size:1 Bottle Anti-Gray Hair 7050 (60 Capsules) promotes and enhances the original hair color by preventing the molecular structure in the hair from prematurely loosing life. Anti-Gray Hair 7050 is a formula based on scientific study that works for both men and women and restores your natural hair color. Anti-Gray Hair 7050 will give your hair back its youthful look, and hair will also regain volume and vitality. Anti-Gray Hair 7050 contains the enzyme Catalase. According to this study, the absence of Catalase is thought to initiate the chain reaction resulting in grey hair. Anti-Gray Hair 7050 combines Catalase with other nutrients recognized for their benefits in promoting fuller, healthier and thicker hair.

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