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20 Electrode Pads EMS for Tens Massager 7000, 3000- 2 Inch Rouned White Cloth

20 Electrode Pads EMS for Tens Massager 7000, 3000- 2 Inch Rouned White Cloth



Can be used Multiple times ....Works on almost all Tens,Ems, Pluse Massagers ....

Fits 2mm(0.08 inch) plug.

Ships Fast .. Most orders received in 2 to 3 days ...

New in Package with exp. dates at least 2 years from current date..

Reusable Multi-stick Gel

Molded wire connector for reliability and durability

10- Packs of 2 electrode per pack = 20 electrodes


a. Do massage to relax our body, release tiredness.

 b.Relieve the rheumatism and pain on our body of neck, joint, wrist. Back.etc

 by stimulating and makeing muscle do contracting exercise.

 c. Improve blood circulation and promote metabolism, Stimulate circulatory system, and keep slim.


A.When use the patch, please make sure no sweat,water and smudge on the part of patch

B.The patch must stick on the skin tightly before you drive the therapy machine.

C.The patch with repeated usage may be stained with sebum and sweat,and leads to the decrease of the adhesion.Sometimes,stimulation may be reduced or even disappear.

D. Please take off the power before you get the patch off your body.

F. The patches are better repeatedly used by only one person.

G. Allergic Reaction please test the pads at first if you feel allergy to the pads or get redness or rush please discontinue usage ( sensitive skin may got rush or redness)
H. if the patches become dry and could not paste on your body, please stop using it.

i. Do not use with Hot Massager

Storage :

a.After using the electrode patch,pls place it to the original package bag,or in the shade.

b.If the electrode patch is a little dry,you can use a few drops of water to keep it moistrurized, if that, this could help to extend usage life of patches.

c. keep it in dry place and out of the reaches of the children.


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