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2-Pack HYDROGEL Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Plus finger lock

2-Pack HYDROGEL Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Plus finger lock


2-Pack HYDROGEL Screen Protector For Samsung Galaxy S22  s22 plus   s22 Ultra

Here’s a new hydrogel film to excite phone owners. We’ll always love tempered glass, but here’s another option for your phone screen protection

Anti-scratch and anti-shatter, it’s like having a heavy-duty protective soft PU over your phone screen. Because of its silicone texture, you’d think it would be like a magnet for fingerprints, right? But no, it’s anti-fingerprint, too, and despite the trusty, flexible material, it retains your screen’s HD capabilities

It covers your screen real estate 100%, without white edges and gaps. It keeps out dust, so if you or your recipient works in construction or woodworking, or perhaps located near the beach, this is an excellent phone screen cover

We also like that it doesn’t spare details, with accurate cutouts for the speaker and curving edges for 360 protection

And don’t worry about it being hydrogel. It feels smooth and screen-like to touch

Instead of adhesives -and the horrific bubbles they entail- this hydrogel screen cover attaches to your phone using electrostatic absorption. You can reposition it during installation and it will still attach perfectly. 

That takes away the pressure and fear of bungling the install and having bubbles or having to do it again with another because you did it askew the first time! You can do this yourself easily, unlike tempered glass that does need a lot of finesse (and practice!) to get it perfectly done. 

And while we don’t want to compare it to tempered glass, we still gotta say that it doesn’t shatter like tempered glass at all, so you won’t have to suffer through those cracks until you replace your cover!

Material Soft, clear silicone “hydrogel” film
Functions Hydrogel screen-protective film
Protection Anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, anti-shatter, full-screen protection

Package Includes:
2 HD Clear Screen Protector
2 Microfiber Cloths
2 Alcohol Wipes
1 Retail package used as Squeeze card
2 Dust Removal Sticker

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