12 - Philips Sonicare Generic Toothbrush for Proresults Easyclean Hx6750 Hx6710 Hx6530

  • $12.75

These high-quality, Generic brush heads compatible with the Sonicare e-Series electric toothbrush providing a thorough every day clean,while massaging and stimulating gums.

Fully Compatible with ALL SNAP ON MODELS  some of the compatible models (Handles):

PowerUp (Power Up), HX3110/(00,02,04,33), HX3120/(01,02,03,09), HX3130/(00,02)

DiamondClean (Diamond Clean),HX9332/(04,05), HX9342/(02,03,04), HX9382/(04,03,05,54), HX9322/(12,14), HX9352/(04,05), HX9362/(67,68), HX9334/34

FlexCare Platinum (Flex Care Platinum), HX9142/10, HX9182/(04,10,42), HX9110/02, HX9170/10, HX9172/(10,44), HX9112/(02,44)

FlexCare+ (Flex Care Plus), HX6972/(10,34), HX6992/(03,10), HX6995/10, HX6921/(02,30), HX6942/(14,04,20), HX6973/(53,54), HX6950

Flexcare (Flex Care), HX6902/02, HX6932/(10,34), HX6942/(04,10,20), HX6982/(03,10), HX6985/10, HX6934/34, HX6903/54

HealthyWhite (Healthy White), HX6711/02, HX6732/(02,33,43,45,80,90), HX6730/(02,33), HX6782/(02,33,12), HX6733/(33,70,80,90), HX6711/(02,22), HX6722/22, HX6712/(43,75,33), HX6732/(02,43,70,45,80) 2 Series, HX6211/(04,96,98,99), HX6212/(05,17), HX6221/(14,01,02,71,21,13)

EasyClean (Easy Clean), HX6512/(02,35,55,33), HX6511/(35,44,43,34,22,50,02), HX6581/(12,02), HX6510/22, HX6582/50

And many more models  hx6011, hx6011/02, hx6011/05, hx6011/09 hx6012, hx6012/01, hx6012/02, hx6012/05, HX6012/07, HX6012/23, hx6012/26, HX6013, HX6013/02, HX6013/03, hx6013/05, HX6013/09, HX6013/16, HX6013/12, HX6013/60, HX6013/64, HX6013/66 hx6014, hx6014/01, hx6014/05, hx6014/07, HX6014/09, hx6014/26, HX6014/30, HX6014/33, hx6014/35, hx6014/39 hx6018, hx6018/05, HX6018/07, hx6018/26, hx6018/99

Its Recommended to Replace your brush heads every 3 months.

  • Reminder bristles optimize performance ensure you are getting an effective clean
  • Snap-on brush head compatible with multiple Sonicare handles including the original
  • Easy to maneuver to focus on hard-to-reach areas