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10 PCS Whitening Face Mask Freckle Removal Anti Wrinkle Moisturizing Anti-aging

10 PCS Whitening Face Mask Freckle Removal Anti Wrinkle Moisturizing Anti-aging


10 Pieces SENANA Whitening Freckle Removal Face Mask Moisturizing tender smooth Lighten fine lines Anti-wrinkle anti-aging skin care

Dense and moisturizing  ☑
Even, translucent and glistering  ☑
Silky, soft, fine and smooth  ☑
Elastic, nourishing, soft and tender  ☑

★ Apply and present tender, white and glossy skin

1. Whiten and remove freckles
2. Hydrate and moisturize
3. Tender and smooth

★ Product Information

▶ Product Name: Whitening and Freckle Removal Watery Mask
▶ Specifications: 25g/piece
▶ Benefits: Remain skin-friendly and fitting, contain plant extracts, keep aquatic and refreshing touch sense and stay watery, tender and smooth.

Upgrade of mask cloth  Soft and air-permeable

▶ Good mask cloth is softer, clingy and air-permeable
1. Light and air-permeable
Light and air-permeable & Lock moisture
2. Skin-friendly porous fiber
Skin-friendly and gentle
3. Efficient, gentle and hydrating
Carry more essence
4. Stereo clipping
Tightly fit the facial contour

★ Really present true, beautiful and white skin because of some features

▶ Not all of masks have the feature of whitening skin
▶ Common mask:
1. The effect is not outstanding after applying it.  
2. It is not comfortable when applying it onto the face.  
3. Essence can be not absorbed thoroughly.
▶ Our Whitening mask:
1. Spots can be weakened apparently.
2. Tencel mask cloth.
3. Fit perfectly.
4. Nicotinamide extract   Easily absorbable and more whitening

★ Enjoy watery skin

▶ Hydrating, fine and smooth .

★ Upgrade customization

▶ Before:
1. Commonly hydrating effect   
2. Common essence
3. Common mask
▶ After:
1. More beautiful and whiter and hydrating
2. Nicotinamide Solution
3. Three-dimensional mask clipping

★ A hydrating mask during the dry season

▶ What if skin lacks moisture?
Applying the mask if the foundation to hydrate the facial skin.
Manufacturing the mask attentively  is the tenet of our service.

★ Silky care the watery skin

▶ Make skin watery and tender and supplement the moisture
1. Rich essence and care thoroughly.
2. Light, thin and easily absorbable.

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